CD implementation Step 9

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Develop and Conduct Training


  • Develop training plan and training materials.
  • Identify trainers and trainees.
  • Put plans in place to start training roll out.
  • Ensure all personnel involved in CD are effectively trained.


  • Training guide for establishing a CD channel.
  • Training plan, including initial roll-out plan and on-going training needs.
  • Training reports.
  • Pre-post assessments.


  • Convene coordination committee meeting.
  • Develop training plan and training materials, adapting existing materials, if possible.
  • Decide on stand-alone or integrated training.
  • Identify and contract trainers.
  • Plan training sessions.
  • Conduct training courses/cascades.
  • Conduct pre- and post-assessments during training courses.
  • Conduct training supervision activities.
  • Conduct refresher trainings, as planned.

Channel specific guidance

Health facility-based distribution
Community-based distribution
School-based distribution



This post is also available in: Français (French)