Step 3: Stakeholder Meeting to Finalize Implementation Guidelines


  • Finalize implementation guidelines


  • Final LLIN implementation plan

Who to invite
Invite the same stakeholder groups that were included in the initial workshop. To ensure their different perspectives feed into the finalized guidelines, you may also consider including additional representatives relevant to the distribution channels selected and additional representatives from the regional/ provincial, district- or service delivery–level.

Workshop content
Include the following in the workshop:

  • Review the rationale for the proposed approach.
  • Review the findings from the field assessment.
  • Present the draft implementation guidelines and explain how they lead from the two points above.
  • Summarize the outstanding issues that need to be discussed and finalize them. They will probably be design issues specific to certain channels. For example, for school-based distribution this could include the classes to be targeted; for community-based distribution, this might include who will be involved in coupon distribution, or who will store and distribute ITNs, eligibility criteria, etc. More detailed design issues may be agreed-to here to inform the finalized implementation guidelines, or may be discussed after planning of individual channels is underway.