CD implementation Step 7

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Develop SBCC Plan and Begin Implementation


  • Integrate Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) plans around CD into existing malaria and ITN communications strategies and plans.
  • Develop and produce SBCC materials.


  • Continuous Distribution SBCC plan—segmented by audience/CD channel, include pre- and post-distribution activities.
  • SBCC materials developed, produced, and contracts issued.


  • Review current data on update and use of ITNs to determine aspects where SBCC can improve access rates.
  • Review evidence on effectiveness of SBCC materials and activities in-country.
  • Develop materials and tools linked to need and based on available evidence—ideally through the modification of existing materials, where appropriate.
  • Print materials.
  • Issue contracts for SBCC partners.
  • Disseminate materials and conduct SBCC activities.

Channel specific guidance

Health facility-based distribution
Community-based distribution
School-based distribution


Examples of SBCC tools from a range of countries are available here:


This post is also available in: Français (French)