CD implementation Step 6

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Accountability and Supervision


  • Develop an accountability plan that includes all aspects involved in preventing, identifying, and mitigating the impact of fraud, theft, or diversion of ITNs. This does not need to be a separate document as the accountability plan can be incorporated into the implementation guidelines.
  • Develop a supervision plan.


  • Fraud prevention, identification and mitigation plan
  • Supervision plan


  • Convene a coordination committee meeting.
  • Combine the findings of the risk assessment conducted in Step 4 and the finalized logistics and supply management plan, to develop an accountability plan that reflects all aspects of planning, management, and implementation to support the prevention, identification, and impact mitigation of fraud, theft, and diversion.
  • Develop a supervision plan as a tool for sub-national managers.
  • Conduct monitoring visits in line with monitoring plan.
  • Receive monitoring reports.
  • Review monitoring reports for findings and recommendations.
  • Discuss monitoring findings and recommendations at regular review meetings and coordination committee meetings.
  • Adapt distribution approach, as appropriate.

Channel specific guidance

Health facility-based distribution
Community-based distribution
School-based distribution


This post is also available in: Français (French)