CD implementation Step 5

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Create a Logistics and Supply Chain Plan and Prepare for Implementation


  • Develop a logistics and supply chain plan that is informed by detailed assessments.
  • Contract third party logistics management company, where needed, or ideally fit into an existing government supply chain management division (i.e, Medical Stores Division).


  • Transport and storage plan.
  • Tracking and other logistics tools designed and in place.
  • Contracts for third party logistics suppliers in place.


  • Convene a coordination committee meeting.
  • Plan the supply chain—transport routes, storage points, distribution points for all channels, to the lowest point possible.
  • Plan and conduct a risk assessment of the supply chain; the outputs should inform risk mitigation measures in the final plan.
  • Develop a documented logistics and supply chain plan.
  • Share the documented plan widely.
  • Call for third party logistics suppliers, where needed.
  • Assess submissions and award third party logistics supplier contracts.

Channel specific guidance

Health facility-based distribution
Community-based distribution
School based distribution



(Health facilities should use country standard forms for distribution and summary reporting.)

This post is also available in: Français (French)